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How can I contribute?

See Modern Wikia:Contributing to Modern Wikia.

Why would I want to contribute?

There are many good reasons to be involved in Modern Wikia:

  1. It is a self-governing mechanism that creates positive externalities
  2. It's fun.
  3. It's educational.
  4. It's social.
  5. You are part of an exciting development making use of the open source idea.
  6. You can correct other people on the spot without asking their permission!
  7. It's dynamic. Wikipedia has created more than 3 million articles in seven years.
  8. It's interesting to share your knowledge with other people, particularly knowing that others can instantly edit or react to what you've written.
  9. To contribute is to gain.
  10. Did we mention, it's fun?
  11. Ultimately it's yours.
  12. Most likely their kids will use it. (You get the point. It's like you own a 1,000 volume encyclopedia at instant access.)
  13. It gives you something to do. (You can probably do it at school/work as well as at home since it remains unblocked at many schools and places of work.)
  14. It helps others.
  15. It's not boring. See also why Wikipedia is so great.
  16. Learning to write in a neutral point of view is a useful intellectual exercise, since it requires cultivating humility and respect for the views of others.
  17. Wikipedia is a remarkable phenomenon of social organization; learning how things work here provides valuable lessons for many other kinds of organizations.
  18. Wikis are becoming more numerous; sooner or later your business or organization may be using one. Wikipedia is one of the best wikis on which to learn wiki editing, because of the extensive help articles and the Help desk staffed by friendly volunteers.

Do I have to register to edit pages?

No. Anyone can edit without any kind of registration (except disruptive users who have been banned.)

What is the point of getting a user ID?

There are many reasons: see Modern Wikia:Why create an account?

Is there a minimum age requirement to contribute or register?

No. Anyone of any age may edit articles or register. Modern Wikia does not even require that users disclose their age when registering! Note that users who identify themselves as minors (generally children under 16 years of age) are encouraged, and where appropriate will be required, to protect their identities via safe practices where the posting of personal information is concerned.

Do I have to use my real name?

Real names are not required; some users use real names, some don't: see Username.