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Technical FAQ

Somebody keeps vandalizing the article about me or my company. Can’t you stop them?

If it is truly, obvious vandalism (such as blanking the page or foul language), you can revert it yourself. If you don’t know how to revert, or would rather not, please comment on the talk page. If an article is being reverted persistently, the Modern Wikia community will ordinarily notice that and take steps to stop it, however, if it isn't drawing attention, you can post a complaint about the vandalism at Modern Wikia Security Center mostly an administrator will respond.

Can I ask the police or someone else to stop it?

No. The fastest and most reliable way to address vandalism is through the avenues described above.

Someone keeps writing negative things about me or my company. What can I do?

It depends whether the information is true.

If it's uncomplimentary but accurate, there’s very little you can do about it. If you feel the article is poorly-sourced, unduly negative, contains information that is irrelevant or otherwise not worth including, or is particularly hurtful to someone who’s not a public figure, please make those comments on the article’s talk page. While Modern Wikia is not censored, the editors do try to maintain balance in articles and abide by a neutral point of view. But information won't be taken down just because it makes you unhappy.

If the information is false, please comment on the talk page saying so. If it's defamatory or legally actionable in any way, please see the question about "legal concerns" further down in this FAQ.

Can I start an article about myself or my company?

We strongly discourage this. Modern Wikia is intended to be an objective resource, and it’s easy for people to not be fully objective about themselves or their company.

If your life and achievements are verifiable and genuinely notable, sooner or later someone else will probably create an article about you. If you want to write about your self you may fill free to do so on your user page.

As for your company information it is recommended that you do not create an article about your company, although you may talk about your company on your user page.

Please note also that anything you wrote on Modern Wikia will be mercilessly edited by others. Sometimes people who wrote about themselves have ended up requesting their articles be deleted, because the original piece has, over time, changed in ways they didn’t like.

Can I advertise my company or product on Modern Wikia?

You can make a donation and submit your advertising information at Modern Wikia:Advertising.