"Canon Rock" is a neo-classical metal arrangement of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D major by the Taiwanese musician and composer Jerry Chang (JerryC). The composition contains a variety of melodic licks (more suitable for the advanced guitarists), showing Jerry's unique way of phrasing and his finger dexterity. The piece became popular on the internet after a video of JerryC playing the piece was posted online. The rendition has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and television shows. The re-arrangement was composed within two weeks.

Covers Edit

Jeong-Hyun Lim "Canon Rock" 30 second sample from Jeong-Hyun Lim's performance of Canon Rock

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Jeong-Hyun Lim performs Canon Rock. This is one of YouTube's most viewed videos.The first Canon remix was composed by BanYa, a Korean band that has composed songs for the Pump it up videogames.[citation needed] Perhaps the most famous of the covers was created by the South Korean guitarist Lim Jeong-hyun, aka “funtwo”, his Internet alias. Additionally the song has been covered by countless users of the video-sharing sites Youtube and Google Video.

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